Southern New Mexico: From the Road

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This past Nov-Dec 2016, I made my way from Lubbock, TX through New Mexico, Arizona, to San Francisco...and then back down again before the new year. Along the way I reveled in the barren desert landscapes dotted with majestic skies, mesas, tumbleweeds and abandoned junk. One of my favorite stretches is between Alamogordo, NM and Clovis, [...]

Splendora Days

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I had the pleasure of spending 6 weeks in East Texas just north of Houston, at the magical Splendora Gardens art farm, home to acres and acres of woods, a 12,000 sq ft. studio and beautiful lake. The skies teemed with webs, spiders and changing leaves as they turned to compost. I captured these images on a walk on [...]

Five Days in Bisbee

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I have been visiting the quirky free-spirited hideaway of Bisbee over a span of 19 years.  Bisbee's colorful history, beautiful hilly landscape set among open copper and crystal mines, mix of Victorian and makeshift architecture make for a truly unique aesthetic and energetic experience.  Typically I would only visit for a day or night but this time I stayed long [...]

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Four days on the train…NYC to the Sonoran Desert

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On August 4, 2016, after nearly four years in New York City, I embarked on a four day Amtrak ride cross country to my desert home in Tucson, Arizona. As much as I adore NYC and many of its inhabitants, the last 20 months of my adventure there had pushed me to my edge in almost every way possible. [...]