My path has led me in many directions across this country, starting in the Midwestern prairie moving to the enchanting Sonoran desert of Tucson. I’ve spent years in the forests near Portland, OR, done time on the left coast in San Francisco and eventually ended up in New York City on the right coast. I have ventured stays in the Deep South and in New England. I am deeply influenced and inspired by place, the natural world; and the architecture of my environs, as well as the transitions between them.

Drawn to subtle animation from the branches of trees on water to the grungy underworld of the subway — I am obsessed with capturing worlds within worlds; abstraction within realism; magic within  the mundane.  I have a passion for seeking out and illuminating the beauty and strangeness I find on my daily path. I love layering, the surreal — the simple and, sometimes dirty beauty of everyday life.

 Photography is one of my favorite vehicles for connecting with the moment, bringing me deeper into an appreciation of it and what lies beneath the initial perception of an object, a scene, the atmosphere and form. This medium for observing, feeling and documenting life enhances my living of it. 

With my mixed media drawing and collages, I express storylines from my imagination, dreams and encounters synthesizing and integrating my many lives, creating meaning from an ever-shifting landscape and world that is often overwhelming in its richness and complexity. I love seeing a piece come to life, whether it comes first in a vision…or is a puzzle that spontaneously comes together as I create it.

~ Artist, Courtney Sheets